Morons Rule The World!

Intelligence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  After all, if Sarah Palin can become a state governor and a millionaire, who needs brains?  Rush Limbaugh is living proof that you don’t have to be too smart to be successful.  Glen Beck is absolute living proof that not only is intelligence not necessary for success, the more stupid and moronic you sound, the more successful you’ll become.  We live in a world ruled by morons.  They’re a separate breed actually.  Sometime after homoerectus became ‘erectus’, they split from the gene pool.  The scientific term is “homomoronous. “

Need proof?  If you’ve purchased a “For Dummies” book raise your hand.  If you’ve purchased a “Complete Idiots Guide” go out and buy a gun, put a bag over your head and shoot yourself in the groin.  When the ambulance comes, tell the EMT’s you were trying to field strip your new .45 caliber hand gun in the dark.  They’ll believe you and give you drugs and you will no longer be able to procreate.  It’s Win Win!

In the interest of journalistic research I actually went to and perused their library.  Titles like “Dating For Dummies” (now in its 2nd Edition) and “Divorce For Dummies”, (now in its 3rd Edition) caught my attention.  The “Dating for Dummies” title disturbed me.  It appears that someone is trying to create a race of super morons by getting hopeless idiots to date one another and then have babies.  I was really upset until I realized that it isn’t all that bad.  After all; consider Liz Cheney.   Pure bred moron.  No real threat.  Neither she nor Sarah Palin can tell foreign policy from an insurance policy.  I realized my fear was irrational and irrational behavior is the first sign of moronism.  I said three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and put a garlic clove around my neck.  I think it’ll pass.

PS  I don’t really mean for anyone to buy a gun and shoot themselves.  It’s metaphorical.  Dear God! It’s just a joke!

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