Henny Penny’s Political Beginnings (working title)

Henny Penny was a Delaware Blue Hen, not one of those overstuffed Rhode Island Reds whose conservative politics were starting to get the whole barnyard riled up.  Henny’s great great aunt was the original model for Rhode Island’s state bird.  Of course, that was after a very perilous “Most Beautiful Chicken” competition in which Henny’s Great Aunt Fora Penny thought she had lost because the Master of Ceremonies screwed the pooch and announced the wrong name of the real runner up which was a English Dorking floozie from across the pond.   The MC was, after all a civilized man and quickly and very publically corrected his mistake.  The rest is history and for Henny history was one of her most favorite subjects.  Henny was into all of that ancestry stuff and had spent a considerable amount of her hard earned cash to dig up all of her relatives.  It turns out that Henny was related to many famous chickens and her relatives weren’t just your average everyday run of the mill Delaware Blue Hens.  No sir!

The race for the new barnyard mayor was really starting to heat up.  It was supposed to be between the Rhode Island Reds and the Delaware Blues, but like all political races the lines soon became blurred. Sultan the white cock was really starting to make headway with everyone.   The candidates were Henny the popular former secretary of the barnyard social club; Basil the St Bernard whose socialist tendencies were well known; The soft spoken black potbelly pig from the farm next door who never really worried about Muslim terrorists because….well, he was a pig after all.  There was Cramer the annoying black bird who no one knew where he came from.  It was rumored that he had stowed away on a cruise ship and escaped from Cuba.  There was, of course, farmer Jeb whose brother and father had both been mayor once and even though he owned the farm no one paid any particular attention to him.  And of course, there was Sultan the white cock.  Sultan liked to exaggerate almost everything.  He said he had a lot of money, but let’s face it, in the barnyard no one really cares.  He said that he’d make the barnyard great again, but no one could remember there being anything particularly wrong with the barnyard in the first place.  He also said that if he were mayor he’d build a giant wall around the entire barnyard to keep out the “undesirables” and make landscapers pay for it.  He was in favor of banning any new animals from coming into the barnyard until he got the whole “Barnyard Extremist” thing figured out.  Mostly though he was just saying anything he could to get to the top of the straw polls.

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